Key Objectives And Tasks
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The Center is a military training unit which reports to the General Command of the Armed Forces Branches, and trains militaries under qualifying, refresher and specialist courses, in particular;

  • Candidates to become professional soldiers (officer cadets, cadets and military students) of the medical corps, in collaboration with military and civilian medical universities,
  • Medical corps COs and NCOs,
  • We deliver a certified CLS course (Combat Lifesaver) and the First Aid Courses (FAC), and
  • Medical and military-medical training for militaries to perform tasks in their parent units, and for militaries qualified for the service under the Polish Military Contingent (PMC), the European Battlegroup (EU BG) and other military components,
  • We organise exams to obtain the qualifying grade of professional NCOs and privates to serve under the medical personnel corps,
  • We also deliver military-medical training for militaries under the preparatory service.

The Center’s organisational structure includes a Teaching Department, supported by 7 military-medical cycles, 3 general military cycles and the Practical Training Center, which train students of specific courses as well as the Center’s militaries and personnel.

The GC AFB Inspector coordinates planning and organization of the Center’s teaching process. The training is delivered based on training programmes drafted for specific courses. Candidates to the specific courses (professional militaries) are qualified by the Chief of the Military Health Service Board of the GC AFB Inspectorate in accordance with the limit, deadlines and duration specified in the ‘Schedule of vocational enhancement implemented at the Military Medical Training Center’ in a given calendar year.

The following also represent the key areas of the WCKMed’s operations:

  • Cultivating glorious tradition of the Polish Army, military health service and military medical education,
  • Taking part in the qualifying procedure to candidates to become medical cadet students in consultation with the Faculty of Military Medicine of the Medical University in Lodz and  the Military Academy of Land Forces in Wroclaw,
  • Promoting the military service and the soldier’s profession under organised military ceremonies and celebrations, cooperation agreements endorsed with NGOs and other social partners as well as during the First Aid-focused demos and training,
  • Enhancing teaching and methodological skills of the command and teaching personnel,
  • Obtaining and using the state-of-the-art teaching resources, with a special emphasis on medical educational and training devices (simulators, phantoms, dummies, kits, etc.),
  • Performing operations which secure the Center’s functioning as a military unit.

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