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COL. Zbigniew Aszkielaniec, (MD)

Commander of the Military Medical Training Center

Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy in Lodz, a paediatrician and specialist in public health. For many years he held the position of the Head of Health Service at the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised Brigade in Miedzyrzecz, and the First Doctor of the Garrison. He developed cooperation with the civilian medical emergency service to introduce tactical rescue elements to the training practice. He also initiated cooperation with the U.S. Army and National Guards to extend the know-how and develop skills of militaries and medical personnel. He prepared and trained personnel of the Polish Military Contingent in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chad, and managed the multinational health service based in Al Kut in Iraq during the 8 Rotation. He took part in organizing medical protection of the EU Battle Group. He is a co-author of a textbook on the first aid ‘Combat Casualty Care - Procedures for Militaries’. In cooperation with the U.S. Army, he developed a training programme for soldiers to deliver first aid on the battlefield during the PMC missions (Combat Lifesaver). ‘For developing a state-of-the-art center which trains medical personnel in medical rescue in combat conditions, and for overcoming mentality of people who train those who save lives’, he became a laureate of BUZDYGAN 2013 Award. He created a Battlefield Medical Simulation Center, which is the only facility of this kind in Europe. He has contributed to the military health service reform by drafting new operating standards of the military medical personnel, medical security roles of the army and combat medical procedures, based on the experience gathered during PMC missions in Iraq, and in Afghanistan in 2012.


Vice-Commander of the Military Medical Training Center

Graduate of the T. Ko¶ciuszko Military Academy in Wroc³aw and Military Technical Academy in Warsaw. He was appointed to his first job position, i.e. Platoon Leader, at the 12th Ma³opolski Signal Regiment in Nisko, and then promoted to the positions of the Company Leader, Battalion Deputy Leader, and Officer of Education and Welfare. In 2004, he was appointed to the position of the Weapons Procurement Manager at the 3rd District Base of Resources in £ód¼, and then became the Head of Personnel Section - S-1. He started to work at the Center in 2009, where he was appointed to the following positions: Specialist, Head of the Personnel and Education Department, and Head of General Department. In the meantime he completed post-graduate studies at the University of Silesia, and University of Technology in £ód¼.

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